About Me

About Me

I wrote my first work of fiction at age six. It was called Pinocchio, and was closely modeled after The Little Golden Book version of the same title. Call it plagiarism if you must, but copying every letter and the little spaces between the words was no small task. My fan base was supportive, though. In fact, she stopped preparing dinner and read the whole thing. Her compliments on my penmanship and illustrations were gratifying, but then she suggesting that I make up my own story next time. I went outside to play, stung by the implied criticism. As Pablo Picasso put it so eloquently, art is theft.

Though I continued to write throughout grade school, most notably several exciting short stories about kidnappings and alien encounters, nothing rose to the level of Pinocchio.

Fast forward to college. My ultimate goal was to write situation comedies for television. It was the 70’s, and it didn’t appear to be all that difficult. Love Boat? Mork and Mindy? They weren’t exactly Shakespeare. But the more college classes I took, the more I realized that I enjoyed the production side of television more than sitting at a typewriter.

I spent two decades running a small video production company, first with a friend and partner, than on my own after he died unexpectedly. I grew the business, hired employees, but still wrote virtually all of our proposals and scripts, including dozens of political ads. I was good at it; better than I was at running the business. My escape came when I adopted Sami from China, and found the courage to reinvent myself as a mom first, business owner second. Soon after, I met David and we married, and we adopted Mikey from Vietnam. Raising Sami inspired me to begin writing a parenting manual; raising Mikey convinced me to toss it in the trash.

When Mikey started pre-school, I turned back to fiction. Life in small town Indiana turned out to be an incubator. I hung out with the other stay-at-home moms, indulged my bossy side as a member of the HOA board and co-president of the PTO, and discovered the darkly comic side of life in suburbia. That life inspired Revenge of the Soccer Moms, published in early 2017. I’m working on a sequel.