Thank You, Hawthorne Book Club

Thank You, Hawthorne Book Club

It was such a great evening–I thoroughly enjoyed talking to the Hawthorne Book Club. I learned great lessons. First, don’t show up three days early, due to multi-tasking while entering the date in my calendar. Second, thank the Gods of Writing that I didn’t show up three days LATE. Third, just relax and understand that book club members want to ask questions, and don’t expect prepared speeches from an author. We talked about books and publishing, parenthood, friendships, life in the suburbs, etc.

I autographed their books, which still feels weird, and one of the ladies is donating a book to a fundraiser for her kid’s school. I hope it sells. How embarrassing would that be, if it didn’t…

I got to ask my own questions, too, and see how these readers responded to my characters and plot. That was really eye-opening. I’d love to do more book club appearances, so if you invite me, I WILL SHOW UP. Maybe three days early, but I’ll definitely be there.

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