Shameless Self Promotion for Dummies

Shameless Self Promotion for Dummies

I only wish I knew enough to write that book. I waste countless hours of my life enjoying social media, but now I need to make it a tool in my quest for world domination and book sales. There goes all my fun.

My teenage son, Mikey, is trying to explain the point of Instagram, and how to use it. Evidently, I’ve had an account for many years. Perhaps I was drinking, but I don’t remember doing this, but there I am. Find me at Myra Steinberg Levine. At least I think…

I’m getting the hang of using Facebook to do something other than make people mad (politics), make them jealous (my adorable children) or make them want to throttle me (also politics.)  I actually spent $10 on a FB ad this week, and it’s possible that people actually saw it. Having worked on the edges of advertising back in the 90’s, it gives me the giggles to be urged to spend $8 more to reach thousands of potential readers. Find me an ad exec who even got out of bed for $8. On the other hand, I found myself thinking HARD about making this investment. You’ll find me at Myra Steinberg Levine, and my book has a page, Revenge of the Soccer Moms.

I’m also going to start tweeting about books I’m listening to (I’m addicted to audio books) and things I’m thinking of writing about, etc.  At the moment, you’ll find me at @msmyra5  but I may create a separate identity for my book, so I can continue pissing people off with my politics. (okay, I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

And yesterday a friend told me about how important it is to time one’s posts, so that they don’t all show up at the same time, particularly when people are too busy to read them. I can see why celebrities have teenagers following them around and handling their social media.

It’s freakin’ rocket science. Well, no, I suppose if 9 year olds can do it, I can do  it, and I SHALL NOT GIVE UP TRYING, but Social Media is not for the faint of heart.

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