The Brass Ring vs The Sure Thing

The Brass Ring vs The Sure Thing

When I started writing Revenge of the Soccer Moms, I fantasized about lucrative publishing advances, movie rights, and national book tours. Okay, I still do. But I chose self-publishing over continuing to search for an agent who could sell my book. I had an agent who couldn’t sell it, or, to be fair, an earlier version of it, but that’s another story.

Time passed—over a decade—and I took writing classes, learned and revised, learned more and revised again. While I toiled to be accepted by the Big Time Publishing World, it began to fall apart. Brick and mortar bookstores disappeared (remember Borders?), publishers went bankrupt or merged with others to try to survive, and marketing budgets for books were slashed. A first time author always had trouble attracting a publisher, but now a risk-averse industry made it even harder.

But writers write, and the writing world adapted by accepting and embracing self-publishing. No longer a refuge for those not ready for prime time, self-publishing has filled the space left by tight corporate budgets. It’s also a way to maintain control over one’s own product. During those frustrating years with my agent, I kept hearing complaints from prospective editors about my ending. “Your main character doesn’t learn from her bad behavior; she’s just upset that she got caught. Where’s her fundamental transformation?” It’s in somebody else’s book.

I came to see that if I wanted to see my book published, I could do it myself. First, I talked to publishing houses that want thousands of dollars to publish a book, but my writer friend, Bruce Jenvey ( persuaded me to trust the tools offered by CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing, as he had. I had the manuscript professionally edited first, but Bruce was right– uploading and formatting it for print and e-book was WAY easier than writing the damned thing. Peter J. Welling ( created an eye-catching cover, and I was off to the races.

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